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Our skilled countertop specialists have been installing top-quality countertops in various homes and businesses for well over a decade! We can handle any size installation you need! Our technicians always arrive on time with the tools and equipment necessary to have your installation finished quickly and efficiently.

Our company offers a wide assortment of countertop materials to suit your exact design needs. From kitchen and bathroom countertops to fireplaces and floors, we have options for you!

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Services We Provide.

One of the most important features of a kitchen or bathroom is the countertops. Beautiful countertops can be the focal point of your room while providing exceptional functionality. We offer the utmost in quality and excellence in all of our countertops.

Granite countertops offer superior stain, scratch, heat, and chemical resistance. Granite is one of the toughest countertop materials you can get! They’re safe, easy-to-clean and even bacterial resistant. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns to have installed in your home.

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Many consider marble to be a timeless and elegant classic for countertops and we couldn’t agree more! Marble is another natural stone that is already strong and resistant to scratching. We can install marble throughout your home or business for all your countertop needs.

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Quartz is inherently scratch-resistant and is quite easy to maintain. We install quartz countertops that come in a polished or matte finish. You never have to seal quartz and we can customize it in a myriad of colors and styles.

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Smooth, durable soapstone doesn’t need a sealant to protect its natural beauty. Its nonporous surface lowers the risk of bacterial growth making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Soapstone is also great for fireplaces as its the most heat-resistant stone we offer.

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Quartzite is a stunning natural stone that is often seen as an excellent alternative to marble. Quartzite is known for being one of the most durable surfaces you can find. We can install these heat-resistant, scratch-resistant countertops throughout your home or business.

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Juparana Sunset is a kind of multicolor granite quarried in Brazil that we are proud to offer. This natural stone is especially good for countertop surfaces. Juparana Sunset is a tough, longlasting stone that is resistant to spills and stains alike. It has also been referred to as Sunset Granite, Juparana Sunset Granite.

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Bonded, & Insured Contractors

Our experts are trained, bonded, and insured for your satisfaction and protection. In the event of an accident, you’re covered.

The most trusted countertop service in Grand Rapids

We’ve been serving our neighbors in Grand Rapids for years and we’ve earned a reputation for being a trusted local company.

A qualified team of professionals

Qualified professionals that are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

18 Years of Experience

We’ve been doing this for almost two decades, and our work shows it. Our experience allows us to give you the highest craftsmanship around.

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An inspired approach to quality Residential & Commercial projects.

A stunning, solid stone countertop can make all the difference in your home or showroom! It conveys a sense of pride in your home or business. It shows how much quality craftsmanship means to you and that you care about your appearance for your customers or guests. Better yet, a quality countertop has the functionality you need for your space while providing the elegance you expect in your place.

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Other Services

We Provide

Countertops Grand Rapids also does fireplaces, floors, sinks, and showers as well to give you the comprehensive capabilities you need from a local company you can trust.

Our stone surface specialists can install any of our naturally heat-resistant stones to make the fireplace of your dreams! We can provide beautifully edged stone to make your fireplace more lively than ever.

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Our highly skilled technicians can install sink vanities that will take your bathroom to another level! These stain-resistant stone tops can keep your bathroom looking clean and gorgeous for years to come.

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Have you considered having an elegant stone floor installed? We have you covered for that too! Using a stunning natural stone such as marble can create the sophisticated look you desire.

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Nothing says sophistication and elegance like a stone shower. Our non-porous stone surfaces can create a beautiful shower for you that will never harbor harmful bacteria. Let us help you create an amazing shower surface that stays clean and looks amazing!

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The Benefits Of

Our Countertop Materials

We Only Use The Highest-Quality Materials To Construct Countertops

In your home or business meant to dazzle while lasting for years to come!

Continue Reading to see the many benefits that accompany each and everyone of the different materials we offer for your countertop construction.

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Types of

Clients We Serve.

We provide service to a varying assortment of clients from residential to commercial and industrial customers. Our top-quality countertops can be the perfect solution for your home or business, no matter the setting or situation! Let’s take a look further in-depth at some of the clients we serve.


Our company has the experience to work with all of our residential clients and the means to give you precisely what you want. We custom cut all of our countertop materials into whatever dimensions you need then install them the fastest and the most efficient way possible. We can also do fireplaces, floors, sinks, and showers to provide your home with the full service you need.

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Keeping your commercial property looking its best is a necessity if you want to preserve a distinguished vision for your business. We offer commercial countertop services to help you make that all-important first impression. We offer a variety of services from integrated sinks to countertop refinishing and modifying edge profiles. Some of the commercial services we’ve performed include restaurants, franchises, bars, dental offices, and office buildings.

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Our industrial countertop specialists pride themselves on affording industry professionals with the best product contributions and the best customer service as well. We have founded our company on a reputation for quality craftsmanship and an unrivaled level of customer service within the industry. Our industrial countertop specialists strongly stand behind our work and are positive that we can present you with the best industrial countertops, vanity tops, and more.

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Customer Testimonials

Our team strives to make every job the best one yet. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we have hundreds of satisfied customers, a few you can find down below!

Garage Cabinets

Sole purpose is to provide professional

Garage Cabinets In Grand Rapids

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Our team strives to make every job the best one yet. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

From Design To Installation

Our Team Does It All

Why You Should Use Custom Garage Cabinets

So why should you use custom cabinetry in the garage? Well, we have found that cabinets are one of the most efficient ways to keep things you don’t want other people or children to touch out of reach, especially with our integral locking systems. Not to mention, garage cabinets are an amazing way to keep hazardous materials like paints, thinners are sharp tools out of the general area of the garage, keeping your home safe!

While the list of benefits that you stand to gain from using our cabinetry solutions will go on for miles, we have outlined a few of the best benefits down below:

  • Enhance Safety In The Garage

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The Benefits Of Garage Cabinetry

Our garage cabinets are 100% custom and suit your needs only!

Besides the appearance of the garage cabinets, what are the benefits of having them installed? While we have covered a few of the benefits up above, we are going to be taking a closer look into some of the benefits that you stand to gain from having us build you a custom set of cabinets!

Increased Storage Capabilities

One of the biggest problems that any garage faces is clutter. Whether you are just moving into a home or just storing things you don’t want to keep in the house, the clutter of the garage can be unsafe and even decrease the curb appeal of your home.
Our cabinets can help keep the garage uncluttered and unsafe materials out of harm’s reach. Down below, you will find a few of the objects that can be stored in our cabinets:


Increase Home Value

One of the biggest benefits that you stand to gain from using our custom garage cabinets is the fact that they can increase the resale value of your home. This is based on the quality of the cabinets, the layout, design, and the type of cabinets they are.

This being said, the cabinets in the garage should be built to be useful to anyone if you are looking to sell as value scales with the practicality of the cabinets installed. While there are cheaper options on the market for cabinetry, cheaper options can even take value away from your home.

Materials We Offer

Any Material For Your Style And Your Needs

We offer materials that are both functional and practical depending on the things you store in them and what they will be exposed to in your garage. For example, plastic can be fine for the average homeowner but an enthusiast or mechanic may want to invest in a metal cabinet. Down below, you will see what all our options have to offer.

A Few Popular Options From Clients In Grand Rapids


One of the biggest selling points of wooden garage cabinets is the fact that they require minimal effort to give off a custom appearance. Wood is one of the longest-lasting materials as well when they are properly taken care of and sealed every couple of years, making them almost as cost-effective as plastic cabinetry. Wooden cabinetry is also flexible as there are bountiful types of wood that can be used like particleboard, MDF and plywood.