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Stone has been used in baths and spas for hundreds of years. The public baths of the Roman Empire were extravagant and luxurious. Even public baths had beautiful fountains, sculptures, and ornamental designs. In the modern era, stone is not limited to countertops, floors, and decor. Ceramic tile in showers became widespread throughout the majority of the 20th century. However, the beauty and style of stone have experienced a resurgence over the last couple of decades.

Your shower is where you start every morning to wake up for the day and soothe your tired muscles. You need a shower that’s comfortable, beautiful, and easy to clean. Our stone showers can accomplish all of this and more!

At Countertops Grand Rapids, our skilled experts can create the shower of your dreams with sleek, luxurious stone for the most affordable prices on the market! Don’t settle for less, get a shower that you can be proud of!

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Types of Stone Showers

Our stone surfaces bring amazing benefits to your home.

A comfortable shower is a staple for any person’s home.

Marble Shower

The Roman architects of ancient times preferred the use of the elegant and traditional appearance of marble. By choosing the right kind of marble and sealing it properly, you can preserve this luxurious look for years to come. We will work with you to choose the correct marble for your shower that will be highly resistant to moisture and the growth of bacteria once it has been sealed for use in the shower. Marble is known for its soft colors and vivid veining that can create a look that’s sure to wow any of your guests!

Granite Shower
Granite is an incredible choice for a shower thanks to its inherent ability to resist a wide variety of substances found in modern hygiene products frequently used in showers and household cleaners. Granite is also a notably popular choice for bathroom countertops, so it only makes sense to have a shower to match! Granite is also surprisingly easy to maintain with spray-and-wipe style granite sealer solutions. Granite showers are available in a broad range of colors, swirls, and flecks to match practically any design theme in the most beautiful way possible!
Travertine Shower
As travertine is formed by hard water deposits, it’s a wonderful fit for wet environments like showers! This natural stone is easy to clean and rarely shows water spots and soap scum. There are many attractive colors and patterns of travertine available to make your shower design options virtually limitless. We’ll be able to help you find a pattern and color that fits with your design easily! We offer hone-finished and tumble-finished travertine for your shower. Hone-finished travertine has a matte finish that creates a softer look to the stone. Tumble-finished travertine has an antiqued look that can intensify the stone’s natural colors.
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The Benefits of Stone Showers

Stone showers bring many benefits to your bathroom.

The beauty of stone showers is not their only benefit. Below, you can see some notable benefits that come with having a stone shower installed in your home.

Energy Efficiency
Our natural stone showers retain heat, unlike many other shower materials. Ceramic tile will almost always be cold to the touch when you step in the shower, but stone will absorb the warmth in your bathroom. Aside from making your shower more comfortable, the biggest benefit here is the energy efficiency of stone’s heat retention. By absorbing heat in the winter months, you save money by not having to heat up your bathroom just to get in the shower and be comfortable. Even in the summer, stone can absorb the coolness of your AC, helping you save on cooling costs!
Worthwhile Investment
A natural stone shower can last a lifetime when properly maintained and cared for and add value to your home. Though the stone will require regular resealing, you’ll never need to reglaze or resurface the stone if they’re properly cared for. Despite the fact that natural stone has a higher price than ceramic tiles, it’s much more durable and will provide a higher return on investment than a tile shower. Not to mention, stone no longer has the expensive price that it did at one time. Now stone is an affordable investment for many homeowners!
Simple Maintenance
No other shower material offers the durability of stone. As long as you follow the simple care and cleaning instructions, your stone shower will never crack or fade. By sealing your stone shower regularly, you can extend its lifespan dramatically! Using a stone-safe cleaner for showers and wiping it dry to prevent streaks is all that your routine cleaning will consist of. You’ll be able to save time and money on maintenance and cleaning when you choose a natural stone shower.

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