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It’s no secret that people love the look of seamless design. Our stone sinks are made from the same stone as its adjoining countertop. This creates a sleek flow that matches perfectly with the minimalistic design trend that many homeowners now look to have in their kitchens and bathrooms. Integrated sinks made with stone like granite, marble, and soapstone offer the beautiful, flexible, and natural choice that so man designers and homeowners want. Our stone sinks work perfectly with contemporary designs as well as traditional designs. Not to mention how much easier they are to keep clean and sanitary as there’s no place for bacteria or mold to harbor in.

Grand Rapids Countertops is the company to call for these beautifully designed stone sinks. Our expert technicians have all of the experience, training, and tools to make your kitchen or bathroom sink look better than you could imagine!

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Types of Stone for Sinks

All of these stones bring their own flair and benefit to the table!

These are some of the more popular stones that we offer:

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Granite Sink

Not only will your granite sink be resistant to scratches and easy to clean, but it will also be beautifully designed! Our granite sinks are of the highest quality craftsmanship and functionality. A granite sink will also prevent the growth of bacteria thanks to its low porousness. When you choose granite for your sink, you’re choosing one of the hardest, sanitary, and beautiful stones available! Granite is available in a spectacular variety of colors, swirls, and flecks that offer a more aesthetically pleasing look for your kitchen or bathroom sink.

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Marble Sink
If you’re looking for a sink that offers a timeless elegance that no other stone offers, marble is the stone for you. This natural stone is extremely versatile and sinks are no exception to that rule. As marble is created by the re-crystallization of limestone under extreme heat and pressure in the earth, every piece of marble has its own unique veining, patterns, colors, and swirls. This uniqueness can truly set your kitchen or bathroom apart with a marble sink.
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Soapstone Sink

A soapstone sink is an excellent way to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. This natural stone has been in use since the 1800s to make everything from sinks to countertops. Soapstone is not affected by chemicals, acids, or temperature. Not to mention it is impermeable, therefore bacteria and liquids will not absorb into its surface. Soapstone sinks don’t require sealing, will not stain, and only need remarkably low maintenance. Soapstone is also easy to cut, making it highly customizable. Aside from all the functional benefits that this durable stone brings, they’re an exceptionally beautiful stone that only looks better over the years.

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Benefits of a Stone Sink

Stone sinks bring a variety of benefits to your home!

When you choose one of our stone sinks, you’ll be getting a sink that lasts for years, looks beautiful and is low-maintenance. Below, you can see the benefits of these sinks:

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Longer Lifespan
The lifespan of your sink is important. Our stone sinks are much stronger than sinks made from more traditional materials. They are resistant to scratches, chips, and heat. Sinks will have to withstand a myriad of household stains, like red wine, tea, coffee, and other spills. Our sinks are resistant to all of these and more! These traits make our stone sinks last for years without losing their appearance or becoming damaged!
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Add Beauty to Your Home
These sinks make for a decorative and fashionable addition to any home. You can have a kitchen or bathroom sink with the distinguished look and feel of natural stone. They’re available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, configurations, and finishes, making them possibly the most unique functional decor element of your home! A stone sink will also be the only sink that can match your countertops perfectly. These one-of-a-kind sinks will capture the attention of anyone who walks in the room.
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Easy to Clean
Our stone sinks are all easy to maintain and clean. With one of these sinks, you can easily and safely pour virtually any type of substance into your sink without the fear of staining. Regardless of their inherent ability to resist stains and scratches, they still should never be left covered in dirt or grime. However, with their seamless, smooth design, you can save a considerable amount of time and money when cleaning.

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