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Juparana Sunset is a type of multicolor granite that is quarried in Brazil. We are proud to offer this beautiful, natural stone to our customers around the Grand Rapids area. This granite stone is especially useful for countertops but is also great for floors, showers, and fireplaces as well! Juparana Sunset is a tough, long-lasting stone that is highly resistant spills and stains when properly sealed. This type of granite is also referred to as Sunset Granite or Juparana Sunset Granite.

Countertops Grand Rapids is the industry leader when it comes to professionally installed stone surfaces from countertops to floors and fireplaces. Our team of expertly trained installation technicians has been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you receive nothing less than the best in quality craftsmanship. When you want quality stone countertops installed in your home or business, we are the company to call.

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Where to Install Juparana Sunset

Juparana Sunset can be a beautiful surface in plenty of places!

Here are some of the common areas where we install this stone:

kitchen countertops
Bathrooms and Kitchens

Our Juparana Sunset Granite makes excellent kitchen and bathroom countertops. As Juparana Sunset is a type of granite, it’s naturally bacterial resistant thanks to its nonporous surface, which helps tremendously for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Simple, routine cleanings will keep your countertops clean and sanitary with Juparana Sunset. The beautiful design of this granite countertop is easy to match with almost any design scheme as well. Not to mention, this durable countertop stone is highly resistant to scratches and heat, which makes it perfect for kitchen countertops.

bathroom countertops
If you want a shower that brings a new level of luxury and refinement to your bathroom, Juparana Sunset is the way to go. This elegant non-porous stone will create a beautiful shower that will never allow harmful bacteria to grow. The easy maintenance of this natural stone makes it excellent for showers. The unique design of Juparana Sunset Granite allows you to create a shower like no other that you can truly be proud of. When you choose Juparana Sunset, you’ll be getting a marvelous shower surface that stays clean and looks stunning!
types of countertops
We can also use Juparana Sunset Granite to create an elegant fireplace surround that anyone would dream of having. We can also edge your stone to match practically any fireplace mantel or surround design that you can think of! With Juparana Sunset being a style of granite, it’s naturally highly resistant to heat, making it an ideal stone surface for fireplaces! The beautiful coloring of Juparana Sunset will quickly become the focal point of any room with a fireplace installed.
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Benefits of Juparana Sunset Granite

The various benefits of this granite stone.

Juparana Sunset is a beautiful stone surface that brings many benefits with it, regardless of where you have it installed in your home or business.

countertop refinishing
Probably the most noticeable benefit of Juparana Sunset Granite is the beautifully unique appearance of this stone. This granite is normally a peach or yellow color with black markings and veins, as well as swirls of gray throughout its surface. These colors produce waves of movement along the surface, creating a truly unique appearance for whatever room it’s installed in. If you’re looking for a stone that will give your space a cozy and warm ambiance, Juparana Sunset is the natural stone surface for you!
kitchen countertops options
Heat Resistance
A huge benefit of Juparana Sunset is its inherent ability to resist heat. This trait comes in handy for virtually any application, from kitchens and bathrooms to fireplaces. You’ll never have to worry about setting a hot pan down on the countertop, only to have it crack or discolor. Heat resistance is one of the most sought-after qualities of any countertop material and Juparana Sunset is one of the best.
countertop materials
Juparana Sunset Granite is a naturally hard stone. The hardness of this stone is where it gets its amazing durability. This tough stone will resist scratches and withstand everyday wear and tear without showing damage! If you choose to cut directly on the surface of this hard stone, you’re more likely to damage your knives than damaging your countertop. Thanks to the enhanced durability of Juparana Sunset, the chances are that this stone will last as long as or longer than your own home!

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