10 Splendidly Easy Ways

to Organize Your Countertops

Are your kitchen countertops cluttered and messy? Is it impossible to clean around all of the stuff that seems to pile up?

It’s easy for clutter to take over our countertops. Counters are a quick catch-all for everything we bring into the house. Luckily, they don’t have to stay this way!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 easy ideas to organize your kitchen countertops. Continue reading to start working towards clutter-free counters!

1. Use a Mail Organizer for Paper Clutter

Are papers piling up in your kitchen, but they’re too important to toss? A stylish way to store and organize documents in your kitchen is to get a mail organizer!

Mail organizers can be found at practically any store with office supplies and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. These organizers are a fantastic way to add functional decor to your kitchen and keep your counters clean.

2. Add a Small Shelf

If you have decor or storage containers that clutter up your countertop space, a small shelf can do the trick.

By adding a small shelf above the counter, you can add much more storage space without taking away from your counter space!

3. Utilize Glass Jars for Storage

Are typical kitchen supplies like coffee cans and bags of sugar filling up space on your countertops? Glass jars are the perfect way to store kitchen supplies while remaining decorative and stylish.

You can store everything from pantry supplies, such as flour, rice, and sugar, to making a small coffee station. This organization technique can be coupled with the small shelf idea as well!

4. Store Sink Supplies on a Cake Stand

Dish soaps, sponges, and dishcloths can make your sink look less than desirable. No matter how you try to organize them, they usually look out of place. 

By using a cake stand to store these items, you can make room and add a bit of personal flair to your kitchen. 

Cake stands are easily accessible and available in a myriad of colors and styles. Regardless of your kitchen’s color scheme, you can find a cake stand that will look beautiful in your space.

5. Make Use of a Utensil Jug

Kitchen utensils are one of the easiest items that take up space on your counters and in your drawers.

You can save time and space by utilizing a crock, jug, or vase to organize and store your utensils. They can be found in an endless array of colors, patterns, and styles. Organize your kitchen countertops and drawers while keeping them clutter-free with this idea!

6. Keep Knives Handy on a Magnetic Knife Strip

Knife blocks can take away from the beauty of your countertops and just look bulky in the kitchen. Not to mention, they take up a ton of space on your counters. 

Magnetic knife holders are a smart way to modernize your kitchen while making it more organized simultaneously. Not only do they store your knives, but they can also be used to store any of your metal kitchen utensils!

7. Save Space with Trays

Trays are an excellent way to decorate and organize your kitchen! You can store all sorts of items on them, such as oils, spices, utensil jugs, glass jars, and cutting boards. 

A tray can also be used to gather all of the small items that usually wind up scattered into one, convenient place. You can incorporate a revolving tray as well to make all of your items even more accessible.

8. Keep Your Bread Neat Using a Bread Box

There’s not a lot that’s more unsightly than loaves of bread in plastic bags scattered around your countertops. No matter how hard you try to keep it organized and in one place, someone comes along and moves it every time.

With a bread box, you can keep your bread in a designated space, so no one has an excuse to leave it lying around! Bread boxes add a quaint decorative touch to your kitchen too. They can be found in all kinds of colors and designs to match your kitchen perfectly.

9. Open Up Space With a Towel Bar

A towel bar in your kitchen can have several different uses. Of course, it can be used for its intended purpose and provide a smart place to store your kitchen towels. 

However, they can also be used to store your utensils, if utensil jugs aren’t really your thing or if you simply have too many! Using S-hooks on the towel bar, you can hang your utensils for quick and easy access while keeping them off of the counter.

10. Use Multipurpose Organizers to Combine Storage Space

When it comes to efficient organizing, multipurpose organizers are the way to go. These practical organizing tools can help keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free quickly and effortlessly.

One example of an exceptional multipurpose organizer is a spice rack and paper towel holder. There are all kinds of accessories like this that can double or triple your organizing capabilities!

Make Way for Your Extra Space!

These were just a handful of splendid ways to organize your countertops. There are many more ways to declutter your counters, but these ideas should get you started. Enjoy the extra space and simplicity!