Choosing the

Right Countertop

One of the most used spaces in your home is the kitchen countertop. It is where some walk-in first after a long day at work or school, placing their bags on the counter, making food, placing wet dishes, or simply leaning up against the counter. Simply put, the kitchen countertops in your home should be made of the best and most hygienic materials available. When remodeling a kitchen, it is important to put a lot of realistic thought into countertops because that is a space that will undoubtedly be used regularly by everyone in the household, including guests.

We do not realize how much we use our countertops and they’re used for more than just placing food down and cooking. Kitchen countertops should be installed to enhance and compliment your way of living! Whether you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or placing your work bag and leaning against the counter, it is important to have the right material for your lifestyle! Find the answers to your questions below.

When choosing materials, some good questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is this a long-term material solution?
  • If I move, is this a profitable investment to raise my property value?
  • Will this material stand up against the members of my household?
  • Does this remodel match my budget, both immediately and long-term?
  • How much maintenance and care will this countertop require and am I able to meet those demands?

Here you will find some popular countertop materials that many homeowners have enjoyed. It is important to explore your design desires with different materials and research the pros and cons of any material you decide to move forward with.


If you’re on a budget but still want a natural stone countertop because of the incredible benefits of stone, granite is an incredible choice. Much less expensive than marble and the surface offers a hard one to damage. Granite is resistant to scratching and damage caused by dropped pans or plates.

It should be noted, if you are known to cooking with extremely acidic ingredients, granite should be researched a little more because the surface is known for its inability to completely resist acid damage.


If you’re big into cooking at home for every and all meals, soapstone may be what you’ve always been looking for in a countertop! Not only is the surface material affordable, but it is also highly realistic. Soapstone is uniform in its appearance and is resistant to impact damages, scratches, acids from lemon juice and vinegar, and offers better longevity than most other stone countertops.


The limestone lineage of marble creates a one-of-a-kind look in every home the stone is installed in. Highly regarded because of its incredible beauty and feeling of elegance, marble countertops allow homeowners to choose from a variety of different colors and beauty.

Marble is extremely expensive when compared to other stone materials; however, if budgeting is not a concern you have, then marble and its varying colors and designs are a great pick for you!


The great detail about concrete that many people do not realize is the versatility in design and incredible resistance this material offers homeowners. You can stain, dye, and colored with pigments for a long list of possible designs. Concrete is also incredibly long-lasting, maintenance-free, and affordable.

Stainless Steel:

One of the most increasingly popular countertop materials is stainless steel because of its appearance! This metal creates a modern style kitchen while providing incredible benefits, including durability, affordability, and longevity. This material has a big personality and brings in a style of its own, so before installing stainless steel be sure to have a clear image of your design in mind.


Tile countertop is not very well known but is incredibly useful as kitchen countertop materials because they are resistant to soaking in possible staining liquids, oils, or other spills. One of the best advantages of special tiles is their ability to be customized to resemble other materials, like marble, wood, or concrete. You can have a marble looking countertop for a very affordable price! Tile countertops are loved by those homeowners who have them installed, their ability to resist chemical damages and scratches makes them popular among homeowners with large families.


Regardless of the design, you’re going for, rustic or contemporary, wood is a great material for homeowners who are looking to design a home that fees warm. There is something about wood that makes the home more welcoming and with oak and beech as possible choices, it is no wonder the minimalist designs are taking over with wood surfaces in kitchens.

Wood does require active maintenance and precautions for homeowners that use their kitchen a lot and plan to cook at home more than they eat out. The surfaces, although beautiful, do need to be well taken care of.