Quality Countertops

Buying Guide

Choosing a new countertop for your home can be a challenging task. There’s a lot to consider with each countertop material, from durability to appearances.

We’ve compiled this guide to give you some help with the buying process. Below, you can see some factors to consider before making a decision, information on placing your order, and how to start the installation process.

Compare Colors, Materials, and Prices

The first step in the process is getting an idea of what you want for your space and making comparisons. There is a wide variety of materials available, and they all come in varied colors and patterns. 

The simplest way to compare colors is to start with one question. Do you want a lighter or darker space? Most stone countertop materials come in earth tones that are as light as white or as dark as black. However, some stones offer vibrant colors, such as amazonite, which is a mixture of bright green, black, and white.

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you can narrow down your material choices. If you want a darker color scheme, some popular options are granite, soapstone, and quartz, while lighter color schemes will utilize quartzite, marble, and still granite.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these popular choices:


Granite is a remarkably hard stone that is available in both light and dark colors. This porous stone does require routine sealing to maintain it’s durability and appearance. 

Granite is highly resistant to scratching and heat, making it perfect for kitchens. The average cost for granite countertops is between $40 and $60 per square foot.


Soapstone is a softer natural stone that is mainly available in darker colors. It may be softer than granite, but soapstone is still a notably durable stone surface. It’s also non-porous, so it doesn’t require sealing to resist staining and bacterial growth. 

You may not use it as a cutting board, though it’s heat resistant, so you can still sit a hot pan down without worry. The average cost for soapstone countertops is roughly $70 to $120 per square foot. 


Quartz is a manmade stone that is extremely durable and non-porous. It may not be entirely naturally occurring, but the benefits of quartz are numerous. Quartz is resistant to scratching, staining, and heat. 

It can be made in both light and dark colors as well. The average cost of this stone countertop is around $50 to $70 per square foot. 


Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is, in fact, a naturally occurring stone. Quartzite is a tough, beautiful stone that’s non-porous and available in a wide range of colors. The previously mentioned amazonite is a variation of quartzite. 

Quartzite is even considered to be an excellent alternative for marble! The average price of quartzite countertops is about $50 per square foot.


Marble is a classic staple for stone surfaces across the country. This stone’s durability is comparable with granite, and it mainly comes in variations of white. 

Marble is a porous stone that requires regular sealing. The average cost for marble countertops is $60 to $80 per square foot.

Select Your Brand

There are plenty of brands available to choose from for quality countertops. Each brand offers its own unique styles, colors, and prices of stone countertops. 

Some popular choices are Avrio, Cambria, Pionite, and Silestone. The material that you’ve chosen is what will help determine the brand that you want. Let’s examine these popular brands and what they offer. 


Avrio is a stone countertop fabricator that offers a massive selection of materials. They offer granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, and soapstone countertops. They’re highly rated and known for quality stone surfaces. 


Cambria is a major quartz countertop supplier that’s widely known for its high-quality materials and variety. If you’re looking for premium quartz countertops, Cambria is an excellent choice.


Pionite is a popular brand for granite and marble countertops. They offer a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Pionite is an affordable brand to bring quality stone into your home. 


Silestone is the leading producer of high-quality quartz surfaces. This brand has a vast selection of bold, beautiful, and trendy colors. If you’re looking for quartz, Silestone is the brand that has practically everything.

Get a Price Quote and Place Your Order

Now that you’ve settled on a material, color, and brand, it’s time to get a price quote. The brand you choose will either be able to give you a quote directly or provide the information to get in touch with a retailer. 

Request a quote for the countertops that will fit in your home. If you’re satisfied with the quote, place your order!

Schedule the Installation

The last step in the buying process is to schedule the installation. You’re finally ready to enjoy fresh, new countertops in your home.

By this point, you should’ve been in touch with a retailer that can provide the brand countertops that you chose. Simply schedule the installation with your retailer, then you can sit back and relax!