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We’re excited to provide service to Holland, Michigan, otherwise known as The Tulip City! This beautiful city that’s rich with Dutch heritage is nestled near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. With a diverse community and a vast assortment of things to do and see, Holland is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Michigan. We offer a wide variety of countertop services to help the people of Holland beautify their homes and businesses.

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Countertops in Holland, Michigan

Our Services.

A quality countertop not only beautifies your space, but it also provides a solid surface to work on that will last for decades! Our professionals can help you choose and install the best countertop material for your home or business.

soapstone countertops

Soapstone is a non-porous, natural stone that provides a smooth, beautiful look to any space. Its low porosity allows the stone to maintain its distinct appearance without the help of a sealer. Soapstone’s impermeable surface also prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, making a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

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quartz countertops

Quartz is a durable man-made stone that is remarkably low-maintenance. This stone surface can resist scratches and has high heat resistance. We offer our quartz countertops in polished or matte finishes to suit any design scheme. Quartz is available in a variety of colors and never needs sealing.

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quartz countertops Grand Rapids

Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is a beautiful natural stone that is frequently used as an alternative for marble. Quartzite is one of the most durable, affordable countertop surfaces on the market! With its heat and scratch resistance, quartzite is ideal for any home or business.

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stone coat countertops

Marble countertops have been a popular choice for decades! This timeless stone provides a level of elegance that is hard to compete with. This hard natural stone is resistant to scratching, chipping, and heat. Marble is used throughout many homes and businesses, from bathrooms to kitchens.

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white granite countertops

If you’re looking for a sturdy countertop material, look no further than granite. Granite is a natural stone that offers high scratch, stain, heat, and chemical resistance. It’s also a porous stone, but when sealed properly, it offers bacterial resistance and easy maintenance. Granite is available in a broad assortment of colors and patterns!

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stone coat countertops

One of our best-selling granite countertops is Juparana Sunset. This multicolored granite stone is quarried in Brazil. Juparana Sunset is a durable, long-lasting natural stone that is inherently resistant to scratches and stains. It’s also known as Sunset Granite and Juparana Sunset Granite.

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Insured Professionals

Our professional technicians are insured to give you peace of mind. If something goes wrong with your install, you’re covered.

Trusted, Local Company

We’ve been serving the beautiful city of Holland, Michigan, for years! We understand the needs of the community, and we’re here to help.

Trained Experts

Our team is extensively trained to ensure that you’re receiving the best quality work for your home or business.

Over a Decade of Experience

With 18 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the countertop business. We hold our work to the highest standards for your satisfaction!

Top-rated Countertop Experts are only a call away!

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Let us make your Residential or Commercial project a reality!

Whether you need a new set of countertops for your home kitchen or sleek, stone surface for your office’s lobby, we can do it all! Beautiful stone countertops can make your home or business stand out from the crowd while providing a higher level of performance that other materials simply can’t compete with. Not to mention the instant increase in elegance and style that it will deliver!

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More Services

We Offer

Our company doesn’t stop at just countertops in Holland, Michigan. We also offer the installation of stone fireplaces, floors, showers, and sinks to create a space that’s truly yours!

In many cases, the fireplace is the focal point of the room, whether it’s your living room or hotel lobby. This is why we offer professional stone fireplace surrounds that will enhance your space tremendously! Our stone fireplaces are entirely customizable and highly heat resistant.

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We offer the installation of stone sink vanities and sinks that will make your bathroom or kitchen stunning! Our superior stone sinks are stain and scratch-resistant to ensure that you get the most out of your bathroom or kitchen!

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With all of the excellent stone choices that we offer, why not install a stone floor to match? Our stone surfaces can make a unique floor that’s resistant to mold and bacteria while being extremely easy to clean as well!

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Set your bathroom apart with a gorgeous stone shower! Our various non-porous stones can be used to make a stunning shower that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come! They’re highly bacterial resistant and easy to clean as well.

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Holland, Michigan

Who We Serve.

We offer our professional countertop services to all of our clients in Holland, Michigan. From residential to commercial to industrial clients, we can handle any project. We can set any home or business apart! Below, you can see more about the stone services that we offer these customers.

stone countertops


We’ve been serving homeowners in Holland for years, and we’ve acquired all of the experience needed to provide high-quality countertops. Our stone countertops are custom cut to fit the dimensions of your home surfaces. We take great care to ensure that your home looks its best and that you’re delighted with our services. From kitchen and bathroom countertops to showers and fireplaces, we can handle any project!

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Our stone surfaces, from countertops to floors to fireplace surrounds, are the perfect way to make your business look professional and sophisticated. Make every first impression with a new customer a lasting one with our services. We can handle any commercial project, including corporate office lobbies, restaurants and bars, dental offices, and hotels! No matter what your business needs are, we can find the perfect stone solution!

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countertop materials
kitchen countertops options


Industrial facilities can benefit from our stone countertop services as well! With our wide selection of industrial stone countertops, vanity tops, and more, we can make your facility look and feel more comfortable and professional. Our industrial clients can spruce up their lobbies with a beautiful stone fireplace surround or give employees a durable countertop for their bathrooms, the possibilities are endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you have questions about our services and products. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from our clients. If you have more questions, give us a call, and one of our representatives can help!

If you've chosen one of our non-porous stone surfaces, you shouldn't need to seal them to protect them. However, porous stones, such as marble or granite, they will require sealing. It's recommended that you should seal these porous natural stones once every 6 to 12 months. If you use highly acidic chemicals or expose them to heat often, the original sealer may deteriorate. This can cause your countertop to require sealing more often. The best way to check is if you notice water no longer beads up on the surface, it may be time to reseal. Keep in mind that over sealing can cause your stone to have a hazy appearance.
In most cases, yes, we can install new countertops over your existing cabinets. However, if your cabinets are not level or structurally sound, we will not be able to install them. This is because your countertops could collapse cabinets that are damaged or not structurally sound. If they're not level, this could lead to your new countertops cracking. So long as the cabinetry is in good condition, we will be able to complete the installation.
For most of our stone surfaces, everyday maintenance can be achieved using mild dish soap and water. Cleaners are usually available at your local home improvement stores as well. Wipe your counters dry after you've finished cleaning to avoid water streaks. Ammonia-free Windex or similar products can be used to clean excess oil or grease. However, these are not recommended for daily use because of the acidic levels in the cleaner.
Non-porous stone choices, such as soapstone and quartz, resist staining naturally. Porous stones, like granite and marble, require sealing to resist stains. However, no stone, sealed or not, is completely stain-proof. These surfaces will actively resist stains if adequately cared for, although they can still stain if a spill is left on the surface for some time. It's best to clean up any spills or residue from meal prep immediately to reduce the chance of staining.

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