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We’re happy to provide our professional countertop services to the capital city of Michigan, Lansing! With a ton of unique and exciting things to do, from world-class attractions to local festivals, Michigan’s capital city has something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve been serving this hub for educational, cultural, governmental, commercial, and industrial functions in Michigan for years! We know the community and its needs. If you’re living in Lansing and need countertop services, we’re here for you.

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Countertops in Lansing, Michigan

Our Services.

A beautiful stone countertop is a perfect way to truly set your home or business apart. Our company offers a wide variety of stones, colors, and patterns to make your space your own. We only work with the highest quality materials to ensure that you’re satisfied.

granite kitchen countertops

Granite is a natural stone that is known for its remarkable hardness. This sturdy stone can highly resistant to scratches and heat, making it perfect for kitchens! When properly sealed, granite provides excellent resistance against staining and bacterial growth. Granite is available in a variety of colors and veining.

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countertop paint

This classic stone can be found everywhere, from homes to upscale corporate buildings across the country! Marble is a natural, porous stone that is extremely strong. When marble is sealed, it’s resistant to staining and bacteria. This elegant countertop material can enhance any room in your home or business!

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quartz countertops

This man-made stone is naturally durable and resilient. It offers low maintenance while being scratch and stain-resistant. Due to the fact that quartz is a non-porous stone, it doesn’t require sealing either. We offer quartz countertops in a variety of colors and styles.

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stone countertops

Soapstone may be a softer natural stone, but that doesn’t detract from its functionality. It’s a non-porous stone that doesn’t require sealing to resist staining or the growth of bacteria. This natural stone also boasts high heat resistance, making it an excellent choice for kitchens or fireplace surrounds.

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types of countertops

An affordable alternative for marble, quartzite is a beautiful, natural stone that’s available in a variety of bright, vibrant colors, like amazonite. This durable material can resist heat, scratches, and the growth of mold and bacteria. Quartzite is another non-porous stone that doesn’t need to be sealed.

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soapstone countertops

This variation of granite originates from Brazil. Juparana Sunset is a beautiful, long-lasting stone that can resist scratches and heat. It’s often referred to as Sunset Granite and Juparana Granite. With waves of gold, gray, and black, Juparana Sunset can make any countertop stand out.

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Highly-rated Countertop Services

Our customers love the results of our work. We’ve received many high ratings for our quality countertop installation services to back up our work.

Insured Countertop Services

All of our work is insured to protect you and your home in the event of an accident. If anything happens, we’ve got you covered.

More Than a Decade of Experience

We’ve got 18 years of experience under our belts that allow us to provide the highest-quality craftsmanship in the business.

Friendly Service

We provide our customers with friendly service, every time. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we want to create an experience that you’re happy with.

Quality Countertop Services are just one call away!

Why Choose Us?

We provide exceptional countertop installation services to both residential and commercial clients.

When you want to set your home or business in Lansing apart, a beautiful stone countertop is a fantastic way to do it! Not only does a stone countertop make your space more attractive, but it also provides added functionality that will last for decades. From residential kitchens and bathrooms to commercial restaurants and office buildings, we do it all. No matter your goals, we have a solution for you.

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Other Services

We Offer

We provide a full array of stone services in Lansing, Michigan, including floors, showers, sinks, and fireplace surrounds. Why stop at countertops when you can beautify your entire home?

Fireplaces can act as the focal point of whatever room they’re located in. With one of our custom stone fireplace surround, you can make that focal point stand out like never before! We offer a variety of heat-resistant surfaces to choose from for your fireplace.

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From fully-integrated stone sinks to elegant sink vanities, our team can make your kitchen or bathroom a place to be proud of. We can increase the performance and appearance instantly with our stone sink services.

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Having a stunning stone floor installed will make your home or business give off a feeling of elegance that’s unattainable by traditional flooring. It’s also much easier to keep clean and sanitized!

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A stone shower can tie your entire bathroom together with an integrated look that instantly transforms your bathroom. With our non-porous options, you’ll never have to worry about the growth of mold or bacteria. A stone shower is where beauty meets comfort.

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Lansing, Michigan

Who We Serve.

We offer our professional stone installation services to a variety of customers. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. Our team of skilled professionals can handle any size project, big or small. Below, we’ll examine these further.

countertop materials


Your home in Lansing, Michigan, deserves high-quality countertops that you can depend on. We offer all of our various stone services to homeowners in the area. Our professionals will install your stone surfaces exactly to specification to meet your home’s needs. When homeowners need fast, affordable countertop services, we’re the company that they call.

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We understand that your business needs to look professional without sacrificing functionality. That’s why we offer business owners in Lansing our full range of stone services from countertops to fireplaces. We’ve serviced commercial locations that include doctor’s offices, bars, offices, restaurants, and hotels. No matter the facility and no matter the project, we’re here to help.

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countertop refinishing
white countertops


Even industrial complexes can benefit from our countertop services. Whether it’s the employee bathroom or the company lobby, our quality stone surfaces provide a look of elegance and professionalism. Our trained professionals can assist you in choosing the best countertops for your industrial facility! These easy-to-clean surfaces will also cut down on time spent cleaning while keeping your facility more sanitary as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers. Following, you can see some of the most common questions that we hear from our customers. If you have any other questions about our services, give us a call, and one of our representatives can help!

When it comes to natural stone, such as marble, granite, soapstone, and quartzite, fading over time or from exposure to sunlight is not an issue. However, with engineered stone, like quartz, direct sunlight can fade or discolor the stone over time. When choosing the best countertop material for your space, consider how much of the surface will be exposed to sunlight to avoid this issue.
The number of seams in a countertop will differ from project to project. The size and shape of your space will be the most significant factor. When our team comes to measure, they'll walk you through the layout and show where seams will be needed. Typically, any sections longer than 96 inches will need to have seams, even more so when a sink or cooktop will be cut out of that piece.
The price of a stone countertop is dependant on a few factors. Prices are affected by the rarity, pattern, colors, and availability of that specific stone. There may be a myriad of manufacturers for a particular stone, but depending on the quality and color, the price can differ. The location of quarries is also an essential factor. It may be harder to find specific colors or patterns at one quarry, and transportation to your supplier from the quarry can add to the price as well. Not to mention, each supplier has labor costs for extracting the stones, which can alter the price between different suppliers.
Granite is one of the hardest stones that we offer, and it will not be damaged by knives or normal kitchen heat. However, if you do cut directly on a granite countertop, then you will end up with dulled knives after just a few uses. The only concern with setting a hot pan or pot directly on the countertop's surface is that granite will absorb the heat from the pan, so be aware that the area will remain hot after the pan is removed.

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